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What is a Bridge?

A bridge is a permanent structure attached to fill a gap caused by extraction of a tooth or teeth. It is made by placing crowns on the teeth adjacent to the space, then joining these crowns with a false tooth in the space. The bridge is laboratory-made and is fixed in place with dental adhesive.

Bridges usually comprise of a metal base with porcelain bonded over the top to make them look like a natural tooth.

Metal crown (imprint included in price) 150 EUR
Metal-ceramic crown (imprint included in price) 170 EUR
Ceramic crown, Emax (imprint included in price) 230 EUR
Ceramic crown/ Zirkon (imprint included in price) 250 EUR

Complete price list find HERE!!

Taking Care of Bridges

Just as with your normal teeth, the bridge should be cleaned every day to prevent problems such as gum disease and decay. In addition it is also necessary to clean under the false tooth daily with special brushes or floss as normal toothbrushes cannot reach this area.