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Children’s dentistry

Children are not afraid of us 🙂

Child patients require a individual approach as well as parental co-operation. Regular visit at dentist are important because dairy teeth are an essential part of the development of permanent teeth.

It is necessary for the child to gain a pleasant experience with dental treatment and thus build a relationship with the dentist. Thanks to this child gain self-confidence, good habits and basics of oral hygiene.

We recommend to undergo preventive check-ups for children at least 3 times per year.

Do you have a appointment with a dentist and don’t have anybody to take care of your children?

This is no longer a problem! At our clinic we have a furnished children’s corner where your kids can play.

Preventive pedestal exam  12 EUR
Motivational visit (30 min)  25 EUR
Treatment of tooth decay up to 12 years  15 EUR
Extraction of a temporary tooth or root  10 EUR
Instruction and practice of oral hygiene in children  6 EUR

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