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Prosthetic Dentistry

Prosthetic dentistry is the aesthetic and functional reconstruction following the extensive loss of teeth. There are two types of dental replacement: fixed and removable.

Crowns and Bridges are considered fixed prosthetics, created using modern composite, metal, and ceramic materials.

If damage to the tooth is not so extensive that a crown is required, the best solution is and inlay or onlay. These treatments are not invasive, and the effect is similar to that of sealing, where the filling is glued to the tooth.

Removable dental replacements are anchored to the remaining teeth or, in some cases, a full denture may be required if there are not enough suitable teeth left in the mouth.

Why Replace Missing Teeth?

The main reasons for tooth replacement are:

  • Eating – the ability to bite and chew food,
  • Speaking- correct pronunciation
  • Appearance – no more gaps, correct support for cheeks, normal bite,
  • Pain- cracking, and irreversible damage to surrounding teeth which can move or tip, altering the way in which the upper and lower teeth bite together,
  • Tooth displacement without support – poor hygiene and subsequent inflammation of the gums. The tipping of teeth can also mean a reduction in the bone levels holding these teeth in place, thus compromising their long-term viability.
Complex examination of dental prosthesis and treatment plan  10 EUR
Imprint  10 EUR
Orthodontic spacer Thermapress (imprint included in price)  270 EUR
Removable dental prosthesis – complete (imprint included in price)  300 EUR
Removable dental prosthesis (imprint included in price)  395 EUR

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