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Book your appointment at our clinic and we are using the highest quality fillings for which we provide up to 3 year warranty.

Fills represent a large chapter in dentistry. Nowadays there are a lot of filling materials. At our clinic we use materials that are maximally aesthetic and quality. The main purpose of the filler is to replace the dentate and missing dental tissue

These are the most common used fillings in dentistry:

amalgam – is one of the longest used materials in dentistry, is recommended especially for the back teeth as it is not very attractive from the aesthetic point of view because of its dark color. Also, a considerable part of the tooth has to be drilled for its application because of its adequate storage. Its advantage is a lower price compared to other fill materials. At our clinic, we do not use the amalgam filler because it consists of mercury.

composite fillings – are currently the most used material in dentistry. Their application requires more time and is a bit more expensive than, for example, amalgam fillings, but the aesthetic and qualitative result is incomparably higher.

glass ionomer fillings – unlike composite fillings, they are easier to process and do not require a humid environment. However, they have less mechanical resistance and are not so aesthetics. Therefore, we recommend applying them to the back teeth.

inlays / onlays – are solid ceramic materials that are manufactured in a dental laboratory so that they are not recognizable from the natural tooth and used to repair large cavities after tooth dentition.

Photocomposite single-frontal frontal filler  30 EUR
Photocomposite double frontal frontal filler  35 EUR
Photocomposition triple frontal filler  40 EUR
Photocomposite single-leaf distal fill  45 EUR
Photocomposite, double-walled distal filler  50 EUR
Photocomposition three-panel distal filler  66 EUR
Flame-retardant filler  15 EUR

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