Surgical dentistry – City Clinic Bratislava

Surgical dentistry

Surgery is done directly at the clinic by our experienced surgeons.

Dental surgery refers to both oral and maxillofacial surgery. At our clinic, we perform oral surgery, as maxillofacial surgery is performed primarily in hospitals. The most common procedures performed at our clinic include extraction of teeth, vessels and nerves, extraction of wisdom teeth, root canal treatment and disinfection, excision and removal of tooth root inflammation.

We first perform X-ray and OPG radiographic imaging, so that the surgeon can immediately assess and evaluate your condition before proposing an effective solution to the problem. Surgery is performed at our clinic under local anesthesia.

Loss of the tooth can have a dramatic effect not only on the way you speak and chew, but also on the look of your smile and your self-confidence.

However, modern dentistry offers many ways to replace lost teeth. If you require tooth extraction, our dentists will discuss with you beforehand the best options.

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