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Surgical treatment

Visit our clinic and experience a careful and gentle approach of our surgeon.

The most common procedures provided at our clinic within surgery are extraction of teeth, vessels and nerves, extraction of wisdom teeth, extirpation (root canal treatment and disinfection), excision (cutting of tissue pieces to tumor removal), and resection removal of tooth root inflammation.

Thanks to the technical equipment at our clinic and the possibility of scanning common and panoramatic X-rays, the surgeon can immediately evaluate your condition while proposing an effective solution to the problem. Patients undergo surgical procedures at our clinic under local anesthesia.

Loss of the tooth can cause dramatic change associated with the way how you speak and chew and also how your smile looks like. Modern dentistry offering a lot of possibility to replace this loss of teeth. We will be happy to introduce these options and suggest the best way to solve your problem.

Extraction of temporary tooth or root  10 EUR
Extraction of permanent tooth or root  27 EUR
Extraction of tooth with more roots  45 EUR
Complicated extraction of tooth or its part  65 EUR
Suture of extraction wound  10 EUR

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