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Teeth of wisdom

Do you feel the pain in the tooth of wisdom? Book an appointment at our clinic and we will resolve your problem quickly and carefully. Thanks to our equipment and professional approach, we can solve almost the whole range of problems with the teeth of wisdom.

Because the wisdom tooth is located in the very back of the mouth It’s not unusual for wisdom teeth to be positioned crooked or sideways in the jaw, keeping them from erupting into the mouth properly. In that case a number of unpleasant conditions may occur, such as high temperatures, inflammation, ear and head aches. It is necessary to use antibiotics in the inflammation, but this does not solve the problem with the wisdom teeth. In such situations, need to be get out or done with decapsulation, which means releasing the soft tissue around the tooth so that it can grow further without problems.

Problems with the teeth of wisdom can also occur when they are partially or completely cut and there is existing inflammation. In this case, dental hygiene and antibiotic treatment can help. Other complications that the tooth of wisdom may cause include the onset of the cyst in the jawbone, or the damage of the adjacent tooth by pressure in the growth.

Surgical extraction of retinal tooth, the wisdom of wisdom  90 EUR
Decapulation of the tooth  15 EUR
Infiltration, intraligmentary, anaerobic anesthesia  12 EUR
Suture of extraction wound  10 EUR
Use of a haemostatic preparation  5 EUR

You can find the complete price listHERE!

What is the procedure?

Decapulation and extraction are provided under local anesthesia. If the tooth of wisdom has already caused inflammation, it is necessary first to cure the tooth and then carry out the surgical operation.

Removing the wisdom tooth can take a few minutes or several hours, depending on the complexity of the condition. During the surgical operation, the patient does not feel pain, only thrust and pressure due to anesthesia.