Discount for tooth extraction and dental cyst


If you order a surgical extract of an eight, a complicated surgical extraction of a tooth or dental cyst removal and pay a deposit of 100 EUR now online, we will give you a discount of 20 EUR. The discount will be included in the final bill after the procedure at the clinic.

* Example: Now you pay a deposit of 100 EUR. Upon arrival at the clinic, you will undergo a tooth extraction. If, for example, your final price for extraction is 160 EUR, your deposit will be deducted when paying, as well as a discount. Therefore, you will only pay the remaining 40 EUR at the clinic.



As each person has a different anatomy and an individual set of teeth, the reasons for a possible wisdom teeth removal can be different for everyone. The most common reasons for a wisdom teeth removal are the prevention of future issues and the correction of current problems or pain. Due to the delayed growth of wisdom teeth, wisdom teeth can cause severe pain when they break through when there is insufficient space for them in the person’s jaw. The lack of room in the jaw may cause the wisdom tooth to exert pressure on neighboring teeth, causing a very uncomfortable pain that can even lead to severe migraines in people.


Furthermore, in the long-term the exerted pressure may even cause other teeth to shift as they must compensate for the pressure. This shift of teeth may lead to an improper bite, or unaesthetic smile due to crooked teeth. Besides causing pressure in the jaw, wisdom teeth may also emerge at an angle, grow only partially or get stuck and not break through at all. In instances when wisdom teeth have not grown correctly, they will be very difficult to clean, making them a high-risk candidate for inflammations or cavities as food and other bacteria may get stuck around the edges and surrounding tissue.


Save 20 EUR now!


Order a surgical extract of an eight or a complicated surgical extraction of a tooth and save money now!