Implant – voucher


A missing tooth may soon be a thing of the past. For those interested in an implant(s), we have created the IMPLANT+ voucher, with which you will receive a superior package of services at a discounted price.


What do you get?

 How does it work?

*For example: you now purchase a Voucher of 1000,-EUR. Upon arrival at the clinic, you will undergo one of the above mentioned (necessary for you) treatments. If your final price for the IMPLANTATION is, for example, 2000,-EUR, the full amount of the VOUCHER will be deducted from your payment, THEN 1000,-EUR – while the remaining amount for the payment, in this case 1000,-EUR will be discounted by 10%. The final price to be paid will therefore be only 900,- EUR instead of 1000,- EUR

Everything about the implant options at our clinic can be found at: