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Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry is the treatment of teeth affected by cavities, injuries or other defects. After removing build-up, and re-shaping damaged areas, damaged teeth are rebuilt with a white cosmetic filler material. The original shape and natural colour of the tooth is thus restored.

The objective is to keep the teeth healthy, and functional, whilst also keeping the affected teeth looking good.


Photo composite, double-face, front filling  30 EUR
Photo composite, triple-face, front filling  35 EUR
Photo composite bevel  40 EUR
Photo composite, single-face, rear filling  50 EUR
Photo composite, double-face, rear filling  45 EUR
Photo composite, triple-face, front filling  50 EUR
Reconstruction of crown, rear tooth  66 EUR
Reconstruction of crown, front tooth  78 EUR

If the damage is too extensive and inflammation of dental pulp occurs, root canal treatment will be required. Bacteria and affected marrow are removed mechanically and chemically from the root system to prevent further spread of inflammation. Finally, the canals are filled with a suitable material and the tooth can be treated with a filling. At this point, the tooth is technically dead, however it still functions in exactly the same way as before.

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