Importance of Regular Dental Check Ups

Having regular medical and dental check ups are often at the bottom of our to-do list.  We tend to forget the importance of detecting problems early and then find ourselves making an emergency appointment at the dentist and having lengthy treatment, which, if we’d gone for our regular dental check up appointment, would have been a minor issue.

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Dead tooth: Causes, symptoms and treatment possibilities

Most of you will go through life without experiencing a dead tooth.  For the unfortunate few, it can be a painful experience, coupled with the possibility of having a discoloured tooth.  An early trip to the dentist can help save the tooth and relieve the associated pain.

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Everything you need to know about dental cysts

The dictionary definition of a cyst is ‘a closed sac having a distinct membrane and developing abnormally in a cavity or structure of the body.’  Dental cysts grow slowly in and around the teeth.

You often find them forming in the gums near crowns, on the tips of the roots of dead teeth, pre-emergent molars and teeth which are not healthy. It can be months or even years before patients are aware they have dental cysts as, until they become infected, there is no pain associated with their growth.

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Dental Care during Pregnancy

Looking after your oral health during pregnancy is important for both mum-to-be and baby.  So be sure you don’t neglect your oral and dental hygiene routines and always let your dentist know if you are pregnant.  Cleaning your teeth a least twice a day for 2 minutes, together with regular flossing, will help prevent plaque build up and keep gums healthy.

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