Periodontics - Professional treatment of gingivitis

Periodontal disease is a common disease that can attack and severely damage the periodontium. Symptoms at the onset of this disease often include gingivitis, bleeding gums, or bad breath. Periodontal disease is a creeping disease that can lead to tooth loss if left untreated.

Development of the periodontal disease

Often, a periodontal disease begins by the deposition of bacteria on the tooth. Gingival swelling and bleeding occur, which are usually not taken seriously by affected patients. Slowly but surely, the accumulated bacteria spread further and penetrate deeper into the tooth tissue.

The gum pockets form the perfect breeding ground for these bacteria. These gum pockets contain germs that accumulate there and continue to multiply. In the next stage of the disease, the inflammation of the periodontium begins. The gums go back and forth and the jawbone is infested and damaged. In the final stage of periodontal disease, tooth loss occurs because the tooth can no longer be held in the jaw due to severe jawbone damage.

Are you suffering from gum inflammation or advanced periodontits?

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    Periodontics Treatment & Prevention

    Periodontitis is a dangerous disease, as it is usually painless at the beginning and is therefore usually not noticed by affected persons. The best way to prevent and prevent a periodontitis disease is the regular prophylaxis at the dentist. The trained specialist staff as well as the experienced eyes of the dentists in the City Clinic in Bratislava analyze the periodontitis risk of the patient during professional tooth cleaning and design an individual treatment plan to control or completely prevent the disease.

    The earlier the periodontitis is detected and treated at the dentist, the better the course of the disease can be stopped. To ensure optimal prevention, patients should appear for prophylaxis approximately every 6 months in the City Clinic.

    Periodontics at City Dental Clinic Bratislava
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