Dental hygiene - Professional teeth cleaning

Several studies have shown that a healthy and aesthetic smile can improve self-confidence and raise levels of self-esteem of dental patients.

Trends show that more and more people undergo regular teeth cleaning appointments at dental practices.

Why is dental hygiene so important

Many people still consider a professional dental hygiene to be an unnecessary luxury that they can completely replace with careful and thorough care at home.

An expert takes care of your teeth, tooth enamel and gums at a level that you will never reach at home. When it comes to tasks such as dental hygiene, the cost and time you sacrifice for it will pay you back many times over.


Dental hygiene – before and after

dental hygiene after the thretment

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    What is a dental hygiene?

    The process of a dental hygiene or a professional teeth cleaning refers to the treatment that serves to keep the mouth, teeth, and gums clean and healthy. A teeth cleaning undertaken by a trained dental hygienist can be one of the best tools to fight off cavities, gingivitis, periodontics, bad breath and other dental related diseases.

    While many people may take a proper oral hygiene for granted and don’t worry much about their dental health, one should know that the state of our oral hygiene can have affect not just our teeth but also our entire organism.

    With bad tooth brushing techniques as well as improper cleaning agents or toothpastes, people often unintentionally create the ideal environment for an accumulation of dental plaque in the mouth. This plaque turns to tartar over time due to mineralization in contact with saliva. In addition to negative aesthetic aspects, the tartar can also become a health risk with potentially irreversible consequences.

    What steps does a professional teeth cleaning procedure consist of?

    • Duration of treatment approx. 45-60 minutes

    • Inspection of the current state of dental health

    • Tartar removal

    • Professional tooth cleaning

    • Fluoridation for enamel hardening

    • Tooth disease risk diagnosis

    • Tips for improving and maintaining the oral hygiene

    Frequently asked questions

    We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones.

    1. How often should a dental hygiene be undertaken at a dental office?

    Ideally, patients should come in for a dental hygiene every 6 months. We recommend our patients to show up at least once a year for a professional teeth cleaning to ensure healthy teeth and gums. For people suffering from diseases such as chronic periodontics or heavy smokers, the recommended frequency may be increased to 3-4 appointments a year after a thorough consultation by one of our dentists.

    2. Is a professional tooth cleaning suited for everyone?

    While a dental hygiene is not an invasive procedure, we recommend to first consult with a dentist if you are suffering from chronic diseases, inflammations or any other complications in your oral cavity.

    A dental hygiene is not suitable for patients suffering from acute infectious diseases.
    Age or gender are not an exclusion factor. All patients from young to old should undergo regular tooth cleaning treatments.

    3. Tooth cleaning treatment for adults

    An adult should undergo a dental hygiene at least once or twice a year. A professional tooth cleaning is the process of a deep and thorough removal of dental plaque and tartar.

    This helps patients to have a healthy and aesthetically pleasing smile. In addition, it serves to help prevent or control the effects periodontitis and other chronic diseases.

    4. Tooth cleaning treatment for children

    The goal of dental hygiene treatment in children and adolescents is to protect the child from disease and to assist in the formation of the proper habits of thorough dental care.

    As a parent you do not have to worry that this process will be painful or unpleasant for your child. On the contrary, it is the ideal first-time experience your child can make with a dentist. The standard professional tooth cleaning is typically recommended for all children aged 3 years and older.

    5. Tooth cleaning treatment for seniors

    A good oral hygiene is also of great importance for older patients, aged 65+. A professional dental hygiene for seniors is suitable for the prevention of a deteriorated tooth condition as well as in overcoming of various diseases.

    6. Is a professional tooth cleaning suited for patients suffering from periodontitis?

    A dental hygiene offers one of the best tools for prevention and management of periodontitis in dentistry. In case of pre-existing disease, a professional tooth cleaning can help to relieve inflammation and greatly improve the general condition of a patient.

    Patients suffering from periodontal disease should visit the dental hygienist regularly, preferably at more frequent intervals which can be specified after a consultation with the dentist.

    7. How much does a tooth cleaning cost in Bratislava?

    The standard price for a dental hygiene treatment at City Dental Clinic in Bratislava is 59€.

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