Dental veneer is a prosthetic form of solution that is attached to the front surface of the teeth to enhance the overall appearance of a patient’s smile. At City Dental Clinic, all veneers are prepared to perfectly match the patient’s existing tooth shape and colour.

If a patient wishes to gain a bright white smile with the help of veneers, our skilled dentists and lab technicians can of course advise on the ideal shape and colour that a patient should choose in order to produce a result that is highly aesthetic but doesn’t look unnatural.

What are they used for?

Veneers are mostly used for aesthetic reasons. The most common scenarios when veneers are used in our clinic are for chipped teeth, broken teeth, worn down teeth, or to cover up small gaps between teeth. Additionally, veneers can also be used to fix the appearance of slightly misaligned teeth or irregularly shaped teeth.

Dental veneers – video

Dental veneers – before and after

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What’s the procedure for getting a dental veneer?

There are normally three trips required to get a dental veneer put in; the first is so the dentist can consult with the patient and the second and third trip will be required to make and to apply the veneers.

Step 1 – Consultation, Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

Step 2 – Preparation

The dentist will prepare and reshape the tooth’s surface to create space for the veneer/s and make a model of the tooth or teeth that are to be treated. The model is then sent to our lab, where the veneers are made-to-order in a process that can take up to 10 days. In the meantime, to avoid an unsightly smile, the patient will be fitted with a temporary veneer that is prepared in the office.

Step 3 – Bonding

After a final check of the colour and shape, the veneer will be permanently cemented to the tooth.

What are some situations when veneers are not recommended?

  • Significantly crooked teeth
  • Larger gaps between teeth
  • Bruxism (teeth grinding)
  • Compromised enamel
  • Advanced tooth decay
  • Demineralization of teeth
  • Gingivitis / swollen gums
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