Professional teeth whitening

With age, our teeth turn from their original bright white color to yellowish to gray hues. This is a natural process that takes place in all persons. However, through our lifestyle, diet and dental care, we have an impact on how much our teeth discolor and how fast this process progresses.

The regular intake of medicines, tobacco, coffee, tea, red wine and energy drinks can greatly influence and accelerate the discoloration process, since these stimulants contain chemicals that attack the enamel. Arrange a first appointment with one of our dentists and find out if a dental bleaching is necessary for you or if you can bring about the desired whitening effect with a professional tooth cleaning.

A professional teeth whitening undertaken at the City Dental Clinic in Bratislava helps to remove tooth discoloration and gives your teeth a renewed and natural glow. Numerous studies have proven that a bright white smile is a success factor in both the professional world and private life. Treat yourself to a beautiful and brilliant smile and book an appointment for a dental whitening at our modern clinic.

Would you like to make your teeth shine bright again?

If you would like to schedule an appointment with our whitening specialists fill in this form, or give us a call at +421 918 100 022.

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    Should you whiten your teeth at home?

    Home remedies for teeth whitening are generally not recommended as they are usually ineffective and may even harm your dental health. Overpriced toothpastes that are advertised with a whitening effect are largely ineffective because the concentration of the bleaching agent is very low. The rough particles that are contained in this type of toothpastes work like a kind of emery paper with constant use and can severely damage your tooth enamel.


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    Teeth whitening before and after City Clinic

    Leave it to the experts and go for in-office bleaching

    Rely on professional teeth whitening at the City Dental Clinic and invest in a professional teeth cleaning or a teeth whitening treatment to protect yourself and your dental health. These treatments result in a lasting white smile without jeopardizing your dental health.

    For best results we recommend a professional tooth cleaning before the teeth whitening. This allows the dentist to determine the exact tooth color and thus to be able to demonstrate a clear before-after effect to the patient.

    What steps are included in the teeth whitening process?

    • In order to prevent damage to the gums caused by the bleaching agent, a special protective agent is carefully applied to the gums and cured.

    • In the next step, the bleaching agent is applied to the teeth to be bleached.

    • The bleaching lamp is activated and the actual teeth whitening process begins. Teeth whitening itself takes place in a two-step application of the active substance.

    • In the last step of the whitening procedure, the protective agent is removed from the gums and the teeth are briefly cleaned again so that no bleach remains.

    • You can now examine your bright white smile in the mirror and leave our practice with an increased self-esteem.

    Frequently asked questions about teeth whitening

    We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones.

    1. How much does a tooth whitening cost in Bratislava?

    The price of teeth whitening has been adjusted in our clinic to accommodate our patients as much as possible.

    While the stand alone rate for a teeth whitening is 299€ for both jaws and 150 € for a single jaw, this year we are offering patients a package “bright white smile” made up from a dental hygiene + full teeth whitening for just 249 €.

    2. How long does it take for the bleaching effect to become visible?

    The whitening with peroxide takes about 90 to 120 minutes. The big advantage of this method is that the bleaching effect can be seen almost instantaneously. For comparison: The Home-bleaching method, which should only be done under a supervision by your local dentist, usually delivers noticeable results only after 2-4 weeks.

    3. How long does the whitening effect last?

    The persistence of the whitening effect largely depends on your diet, habits and care. In general, the bleaching effect lasts for three to six months.

    4. Teeth whitening at home - Why we do not recommend it

    Home remedies that are commonly used by people trying to whiten their teeth at home can, in the worst case, lead to increased wear of the enamel as well as gum irritation or gingivitis. This will permanently damage the teeth.

    It is also important to note that in most cases, that due to the lack of chemical ingredients the risk is not worth it, as it is unlikely to produce a noticeable bleaching or whitening effect with over the counter products.

    It should be noted that there are also home-bleaching methods that can be performed at home after thorough instruction by an expert. However, this method requires a very disciplined patient who follows the steps exactly as prescribed. In addition, it takes several weeks for the home bleaching to produce visible effects, while bleaching in the dental office yields almost instantaneous results.

    5. Why are bleaching strips unsuitable for prolonged use?

    The so-called bleaching strips are one of the most popular methods that are used by the majority of people who try to perform a home-bleaching treatment themselves.

    Experts are very skeptical of this method and warn of possible side effects. The main problem is that people often do not regulate how often and how long they expose their teeth to this bleaching strip. This can lead to very sensitive teeth and to a deterioration of the tooth enamel.

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