Professional teeth whitening

With age, our teeth turn from their original bright white color to yellowish to gray hues. This is a natural process that takes place in all persons. However, through our lifestyle, diet and dental care, we have an impact on how much our teeth discolor and how fast this process progresses.

The regular intake of medicines, tobacco, coffee, tea, red wine and energy drinks can greatly influence and accelerate the discoloration process, since these stimulants contain chemicals that attack the enamel.

Demonstration of teeth before and after the procedure


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Why is teeth whitening important?

A professional teeth whitening undertaken at the City Dental Clinic in Bratislava helps to remove tooth discoloration and gives your teeth a renewed and natural glow.

Numerous studies have proven that a bright white smile is a success factor in both the professional world and private life.

Treat yourself to a beautiful and brilliant smile and book an appointment for a dental whitening at our modern clinic.

Arrange a first appointment with one of our dentists and find out if a dental bleaching is necessary for you or if you can bring about the desired whitening effect with a professional tooth cleaning.

Watch the video of how teeth whitening works here

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