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*Due to limited capacity, we currently only accept children who have at least one of their parents registered as active patients. Also, we kindly ask our patients that children under the age of 18 always come for an examination accompanied by a parent. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Child patients need a personalized approach as well as parental collaboration. Since deciduous teeth are an integral part of the development of permanent teeth, regular dental visits are required. For the child it is necessary to gain a pleasant experience with the dental treatment and thus to establish a relationship with the dentist.

The team acquires self-confidence, good habits and fundamentals of oral hygiene. We recommend that parents do preventive screening in children at least three times a year.

How to prevent tooth decay in children?

The best way to prevent and control tooth decay is to prevent it. After breaking through the gums with milk or permanent teeth, they should be thoroughly cleaned twice a day by the child or by a parent. In addition to a regular and thorough dental care should be paid by parents on the diet. Juices with a high sugar content and sweets which stick easily to the tooth surfaces should be avoided as far as possible, since these strongly influence the caries.

We recommend to undergo preventive check-ups for children at least 2 times per year. Do you have a appointment with a dentist and don’t have anybody to take care of your children? This is no longer a problem! At our clinic we have a furnished children’s corner where your kids can play.

Would you like to book an appointment for your child?

If you would like to schedule an appointment with our dentists fill in this form, or give us a call at +421 918 100 022Children under the age of 18 are kindly requested to come for an examination, accompanied by a parent.

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