General Terms and Conditions for the Provision of Healthcare by City Clinic, s.r.o.

/ hereinafter referred to as “GTC” /

I. Opening clause

1.1 The company City Clinic s.r.o., with its registered office at Prievozská 14, 821 09 Bratislava IČO: 47347023 DIČ: 2120158777 entered in the Commercial Register of the District Court Bratislava I dept. Ltd. folder no. 91176 / B is a healthcare provider (hereinafter referred to as the “Provider”) The patient is specified in more detail in the GTC (point 1.8. F of the GTC) (hereinafter referred to as the “Patient”). These VZP regulate contractual relations and define the rights and obligations between the Provider and the Patient.

Terms and relations not regulated by the Treaty and these GTC have the meaning assigned to them by valid and effective legal regulations in the field of health care and related activities, as well as other legal regulations forming part of the legal order of the Slovak Republic.

GTC regulates the Legal Relationship of Health Care in a framework. The legal relationship of Health Care as a whole is the subject of the legal regulation of Act no. 576/2004 Coll. on Health Care, Services Related to the Provision of Health Care and on Amendments to Certain Acts, as amended (hereinafter referred to as the “Health Care Act”). Provisions concerning the provision of Health Care are contained in these GTC, in particular to illustrate the position of the Patient and to clarify his rights and obligations in the provision of Health Care under the above-cited legislation and due to the permitted regulation of the relationship between the Provider and the Patient. regulations.

1.2 Healthcare provider
City Clinic s.r.o. (hereinafter referred to as “City Dental Clinic” or “Provider”) is a health care provider, with its registered office at Prievozská 14, 821 09 Bratislava, ID number: 47347023, VAT number: 2120158777, registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court of Bratislava I, Sec. Ltd. folder no. 91176 / B, according to the permit issued by the competent authority pursuant to Act no. 578/2004 Coll. on Health Care Providers, Healthcare Workers, Professional Organizations in Health Care and on Amendments to Certain Acts, as amended (hereinafter referred to as the “Health Care Providers Act”).

1.3 For the purposes of these GTC, the following terms have the following meanings:
a) Healthcare is a set of work activities performed by healthcare professionals, including the provision of medicines. Healthcare is provided by the Provider to the extent necessary in accordance with the relevant permit for the provision of Healthcare issued to the Provider by the relevant public authority and administration of the Slovak Republic.
b) Services related to the provision of Health Care are services listed in the provisions of Act 13 of the Health Care Act.
c) Medical performance is a comprehensive activity of a medical professional, which represents the basic unit of health care provision.
d) Medical documentation is a set of data on the health status of a person, on health care and on services related to the provision of health care to this person.
e) Medical condition is the physical and mental condition of the Patient with all his diagnoses, including congenital diseases and allergies to specific substances.
f) A patient is any natural person to whom the Provider provides Healthcare.
g) The attending healthcare professional is a healthcare professional designated by the Provider to provide Healthcare to the Patient, if such attending healthcare professional is a doctor or dentist, it is a attending physician, if the attending healthcare professional is a nurse, it is a nurse.
h) Dental emergency service is health care, which ensures the availability of health care within the scope of providing specialized dental outpatient care.
i) Remuneration for the services provided (hereinafter referred to as “Remuneration”) is the amount that the Patient is obliged to pay to the Provider for the Healthcare provided to him.
j) The package of services is a set of discounts and benefits to which the Patient is legally entitled after purchasing and paying the full amount for the package to the Provider. The Patient has a choice of X types of service packages, in which the discounted medical services to which the Patient is entitled on the basis of the package are defined. The service package is non-transferable.
k) A family package of services is a set of discounts and benefits to which a certain number of persons in a family / other relationship are entitled to meet the specified conditions, after purchasing and paying the full amount of the package to the Provider. Persons entitled to benefit from the purchased package will be defined in writing on the day of its purchase. The family package is non-transferable.
l) The Coupon is a set of discounts and benefits to which the Patient is entitled after payment of the full amount for the Coupon and its crediting to the Provider’s account. The patient is entitled to specific medical services after presenting the coupon to the provider’s employees.
m) The recipient of the coupon is a person who is authorized to provide health care under the Coupon.
n) Value Coupon is a Value Coupon and a Gift Value Coupon, which is used exclusively to offset the amount stated on it against the amount for services provided by the Provider.

1.4 The Provider provides, for a financial fee, comprehensive services for Patients in the field of restorative dentistry, orthodontics, surgery, prosthetics, implantology, pedostomatology, endodontics, radiology and dental hygiene by healthcare professionals specializing in the field and dental emergency services.

1.5 For some Patients, the VZP may be additionally supplemented by Specific Conditions and an Agreement, which must be signed by both parties.

II. Provision of health care and services related to the provision of health care

2.1 For the purpose of providing Healthcare, the Patient shall reserve from the Provider by telephone, in person or via an electronic form on the Provider’s website, the date of treatment. The ordered date is binding for the Provider as well as for the Patient. The patient is entitled at any time, no later than 24 hours before the ordered date, to cancel this date or to book another possible date. In the case of Patients who have planned extractions or implants, it is necessary to inform the Provider about the cancellation of the date no later than 48 hours before the ordered date.

2.2 If the Patient has a valid and effective Agreement with the Provider and has paid the Provider the relevant membership fee in accordance with the Agreement and VZP, he is entitled to discounts and benefits arising from the Agreement and VZP within the relevant Service Package, which he has freely chosen.

2.3 Prior to the start of treatment, the Nursing Healthcare Professional is obliged to inform the Patient about the purpose, nature, possible consequences, options for the proposed procedures, as well as the risks of refusing to provide Healthcare in accordance with provision 6 of the Healthcare Act. The healthcare professional is obliged to provide instruction discreetly, clearly, intelligibly and without coercion, so that the Patient has sufficient time to freely decide on informed consent.

2.4 The patient has the right to refuse the offered treatment, and a written record of this will be made in the patient’s medical records. This right of refusal does not apply to cases in which, according to a generally binding legal regulation, Healthcare can be provided without informed consent.

2.5 The patient has the right to humane and dignified access from healthcare professionals, protection of dignity and his physical and mental integrity.

2.6 The patient also has the right to maintain the confidentiality of the Healthcare Professionals about all data concerning his health condition.

2.7 The Provider has the right to refuse to treat the Patient in case of a detected medical contraindication due to the nature of the provided Healthcare and the Patient’s Health condition on any day, as well as the day on which he arrived for treatment.

2.8 The Operator provides Health Care exclusively at the times determined by the Operator.

2.9 The Patient acknowledges and agrees that, based on the Agreement or the Service Package at the City Dental Clinic, he has a legal right only to those Services that are explicitly defined in the Agreement, in the Service Package and VZP.

2.10 If the Patient considers that the Healthcare has been provided to him unprofessionally and incorrectly or has been harmed by one of the Nursing Healthcare Professionals, he has the right to ask the Provider for redress. This request is submitted in writing by post to the Provider’s address City Dental Clinic, Prievozská 14, 821 09 Bratislava, or to the provider’s e-mail address published on the website.

2.11 During each treatment, the Patient is obliged to inform the Attending Physician about all facts that could affect the Patient’s health / anamnesis, infectious diseases, pregnancy, acute nausea, resp. other changes in health status. The Provider and the Attending Physician are not responsible for damage or deterioration of the health condition of the Patient who has violated this obligation.

2.12 The Provider provides the Patient with health care by the Attending Physician individually designated by the Provider on the basis of the nature of the Patient’s diagnosis and the need to perform specialized medical procedures at the Patient.

III. Providing and making available data from medical documentation

3.1 According to 19 par. 2 of the Health Care Act The medical documentation contains in particular:

  • personal data of the Patient to the extent necessary for his identification and history,
  • data on diagnoses, course and results of examinations related to the patient’s health condition
  • data on instruction and informed consent for each treatment according to 6 Act. no. 576/2004 Coll
  • information on the scope of health care provided
  • epidemiologically important facts
  • information and consent to the processing of the Patient’s personal data

3.2 Data from the medical documentation are provided in the form of an extract from the Medical Documentation and in the form of an inspection of the Medical Documentation.

3.3 The patient and other authorized persons have the right to inspect the Medical Documentation upon written request from the Provider.

3.4 The Provider is obliged to provide an extract from the Medical Documentation to the extent directly related to the purpose of the request, on the basis of a written request, to another Provider or another person in accordance with the Health Care Act.

IV. Remuneration for services provided, method of payment and maturity

4.1. The Patient is obliged to pay the Provider the Remuneration for the provided Healthcare. It pays the full amount according to the valid Price List, which does not affect the provisions of points 4.2 to 4.4 of the GTC. The price list is available for inspection at the reception of the City Dental Clinic.

4.2 Healthcare services that are provided in addition to the services agreed in the Contract, stated on the purchased Coupon or in the purchased Service Package as paid or partially paid (ie a percentage discount is provided), the Patient pays in full according to the Provider’s current Price List. The price list is available for inspection at the reception of the City Dental Clinic. The attending physician is obliged to inform the Patient about the obligation to pay for the services.

4.3 The patient does not pay only for those services to which he is entitled on the basis of purchased Service Packages, Coupons or on the basis of the Agreement with the provider.

4.4 The maturity of the provided service is always immediately in the Provider’s premises, unless the parties agree otherwise. The patient is obliged to pay the amount for the provided service in full in cash or by payment card at the reception of City Clinic s.r.o., unless the parties agree otherwise or the provider determines the accepted method of payment.

4.5 The Provider reserves the right to change the prices of the provided services at any time. Prices must always be published in the Price List available on the Provider’s website and in printed form at the City Dental Clinic reception.

V. Warranty

5.1 The warranty provided for crowns and dental bridges is 2 years. The warranty for dental implants and implant superstructures is 5 years. The warranty provided for the work is 3 months.

5.2 Conditions of the provided guarantee:

  • The patient is required to undergo regular preventive check-ups every 12 months at the City Dental Clinic.
  • The patient is obliged to undergo professional cleaning by a dental hygienist every 6 months at the City Dental Clinic.
  • The patient is obliged to observe daily oral hygiene: it is essential to pay attention to the care of the oral cavity on a daily basis even after the placement of dental crowns or after the introduction of dental implants with a toothbrush, interdental brushes and dental floss.

5.3 The guarantee referred to in point 5.1 does not cover a defect if,

  • the patient does not undergo regular preventive examinations at the City Dental Clinic at the prescribed frequency once every 12 months, or at another frequency determined by the attending physician
  • the patient suffers from gum disease, periodontitis
  • The patient needs endodontic treatment
  • the patient has not paid the full amount of the reward
  • the crown, bridge, veneer, implant will be damaged by injury (falls, blows, accidents)
  • the patient suffers from a disease that would have a negative effect on the condition of the teeth (diabetes, autoimmune diseases, epilepsy, cancer, etc.)
  • The patient has had repairs or interventions in the work performed carried out without the knowledge of the City Dental Clinic
  • work was performed by a foreign object [e.g. sawing, compensation adjustment]
  • was caused by a bite in a foreign object (eg metal)
  • The patient concealed the anamnestic data
  • was caused by improper handling of the replacement
  • was caused by improper handling of the prosthesis outside the oral cavity
  • was caused as a result of the removal of temporary restorations without the doctor’s knowledge (this can damage the teeth, which are the pillars for prosthetic work)

The warranty also does not cover the recurrence of dental caries, which can be prevented by proper care, regular cleaning of teeth, use of medicines, if prescribed and compliance with regular preventive examinations.

5.4 The patient has a claim under this warranty at any time before the expiration of the warranty period for a specific procedure / product. It is necessary for the patient to contact the Provider by phone or email to the address provided on the website, by filling in the form on the website or in writing regarding the reporting of the complaint. The provider will provide the patient with an appointment for treatment. The attending physician will decide on the eligibility of the guarantee. The patient is obliged to state the nature of the problem when planning an appointment with a doctor. If the complaint is justified, the repair or replacement will be performed immediately or scheduled for a more suitable day and time, depending on the nature of the complaint. In case the prosthetic needs to be replaced, the patient needs to take into account the time required to install, repair or modify the prosthetic part.

VI. Privacy

6.1 All personal data of the Client (for the purposes of this article, the Client may be designated as a “Affected Person”) are processed in accordance with the provisions of Act no. 122/2013 Coll., The provisions of Act no. 576/2004 z. from. and the provisions of related legislation.

6.2 The data subject hereby consents to the operator to process his personal data in the range of: name and surname, permanent residence, birth number, date of birth, telephone number and email address, for the purpose of: provision of ambulance services, registration of calendar dates, statistical evaluations .

6.3 The person concerned has the right to withdraw his consent at any time. Withdrawal of consent shall not affect the lawfulness of the processing resulting from the consent prior to its withdrawal. The person concerned has the right to withdraw his consent by sending a notification by e-mail to the e-mail address of City Clinic s.r.o. or by post to the address of the registered office of the operator Prievozská 14, Bratislava 821 09.

6.4 Further information concerning the processing of personal data, such as the right to request access to personal data from the controller, the right to rectify personal data, the right to delete personal data or the right to restrict the processing of personal data, etc., is available on the controller’s website.

6.5 The Provider is entitled to perform processing operations that correspond to the purpose of processing, namely: to acquire, collect, record, organize, regroup, combine, browse, transfer, store, copy, scan, make available and dispose of personal data, further check the veracity of personal data provided data, to store personal data in the kept documentation, records and related records, during the archiving period stipulated by generally binding legal regulations.

6.6 More detailed information regarding the processing of personal data is available on the provider’s website: The client is obliged to get acquainted with the stated statement on personal data protection. The Provider is not responsible for the consequences arising from the client’s lack of information about the processing of the client’s personal data.

VII. Healthcare provided to a person incapable of giving informed consent (hereinafter “ineligible patient”)

7.1 A minor, a person deprived of legal capacity and a person with limited legal capacity are considered to be incapable of giving informed consent.

7.2 A legal representative acts on behalf of an ineligible patient.

7.3 When providing health care, the attending healthcare professional is obliged to take into account the opinion of an incapacitated patient, in particular he is obliged to explain the essential facts concerning his health condition in a comprehensible manner with regard to his age and mental maturity. The legal representative is instructed in full by the attending healthcare professional.

7.4 Incompleteness or deprivation / restriction of the patient’s legal capacity is not a reason for violation of his personal rights, which the Provider and the Nursing Healthcare Worker are obliged to respect in full.

7.5 The legal representative is obliged to provide the Provider with full cooperation so that the timeliness and completeness of the health care required by the health condition of the ineligible Patient is not endangered.

7.6 The Patient’s Legal Representative must prove and confirm by signing in a written informed consent when providing health care that he / she is the Client’s legal representative.

VIII. Dispute resolution and liability for damages

8.1 The Contracting Parties undertake to resolve any disputes or misunderstandings primarily by mutual communication.

8.2 Before either party takes action / submits a complaint (for example, to the Health Care Supervisory Authority, a law enforcement agency, a court) or publicizes the problem (media coverage also includes social networks), it undertakes first, to invite the other party in writing to settle the dispute and to give it a 15-day period from the date of receipt of the summons to formulate an opinion.

8.3 At each stage of the resolution of the dispute, the parties undertake to proceed in such a way as not to damage the good name and reputation of the other party.

8.4 The patient acknowledges that the nature of the provision of health care at the Provider may require the storage of personal belongings (such as parts of clothing, documents, etc.). For this purpose, the Provider reserves a place to store personal belongings of Patients during the provision of health care, so that the Patient is obliged to store his personal belongings always in the room in which he stays according to the nature of the provided health care. The patient declares that he has understood this provision of the Provider and acknowledges it. The Provider is not liable for damage to items that the Patient puts away elsewhere than at a place designated for that purpose.

IX. Coupons

9.1 The Client has the right to purchase any coupon offered on the Provider’s website.

9.2 The Client acquires the right to apply for a coupon and to draw discounts and benefits resulting from it once in full for the included medical services, or gradually. The coupon must be submitted to the provider’s employees before the provision of medical services within a pre-agreed period.

9.3 The coupon is limited in time. The time validity of the Coupon and the conditions of drawing are stated directly on the Coupon or on the Provider’s website. If the time validity of the Coupon is not stated on the Coupon or on the website, then the coupon is valid for 1 year from the date of payment. The patient undertakes to acquaint and observe the conditions.

9.4 Before applying for the Coupon, the patient is obliged to contact the provider by phone or e-mail and book an appointment well in advance.

9.5 After the expiration of the Coupon, the Patient loses the right to provide discounts and benefits resulting from the coupon without the right to any refund.

9.6 The Patient has the right to change the Recipient of the Coupon once if he informs the Provider via email to the Provider’s address published on the website. Information about the new recipient must be provided exclusively by e-mail.

9.7 Value Coupon and Gift Value Coupon (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Value Coupon”) is used exclusively to offset the amount stated on it against the amount for services provided by the Provider. The client is entitled to use the coupon for value from the moment of receipt until the end of validity stated on the provider’s website or on the coupon itself.

9.8 The price of the coupon can be paid by the buyer by non-cash transfer to the seller’s account via the online payment gateway on the Recipient’s website.

9.9 If the purchase contract is concluded at a distance (via an online store), the buyer has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract without giving a reason and without any sanction under the Consumer Protection Act. The period for withdrawal from the contract is 14 days at the time of successful payment for the coupon.

X. Service packages

10.1 The client has the right to purchase one or more packages from the current offer of the provider. The number of packages offered and their names is determined by the provider.

10.2 The package is limited in time for one year from the date of purchase. By purchasing the package, the patient agrees to the terms of use of the services included in the package.

10.3 The patient is obliged to observe the basic rules concerning the method of ordering and booking an appointment when drawing the benefits resulting from the purchased package or several packages.

10.4 In the case of a Family Package, it is not a condition that the persons benefiting from it are in a family relationship, but it is a condition that the persons benefiting from this package are a maximum of 4 persons.

10.5 After the expiration of the validity of a particular package, the Patient loses the right to draw the benefits resulting from it, even if he has not used these benefits during the period of its validity.

10.6 The purchased package is non-transferable. After purchasing the Package, it is not possible to change the recipient of the benefits resulting from it. In the event that the Patient will not be able to use the services and benefits for reasons unforeseen, unforeseeable and for reasons that the Patient did not cause himself, an aliquot amount will be refunded in agreement with the Provider.

10.7 In the event of the expiration of the validity of the package or the exhaustion of all benefits resulting from it, the client has the opportunity to purchase it again.

XI. Common and final provisions

11.1 The change of VZP is announced by a notice on the Provider’s website or in the form of an email to the Patient’s private email specified in his Medical Documentation.

11.2 Legal relations established by the Contract, which are not explicitly regulated in it, are governed by the law of the Slovak Republic.

11.3 If some provisions of the GTC are not valid or effective in whole or in part or later lose their validity or effectiveness, this does not affect the validity or effectiveness of other provisions of the GTC. Instead of invalid and / or ineffective provisions, legislation shall be applied which, as far as possible, is as close as possible to the meaning and purpose of the provision which is affected by invalidity or ineffectiveness.

11.4 For the avoidance of any discrepancies and doubts, any consignment sent by post by one of the contracting parties specified in the Contract shall be deemed to have been delivered to the addressee after 5 working days from the date of dispatch, unless delivery is proved at an earlier date.

11.5 In the event that, according to the Contract or the VZP, notification of the fact to the Patient by a notice on the Provider’s website is assumed, these notifications shall be deemed to have been announced on the day of their publication on the website.

11.6 In cases where notification of the fact to the Patient by e-mail is expected, such notification shall be deemed to have been notified at the time of sending it. If the e-mail message was sent outside working days (i.e. Saturday, Sunday, non-working days and public holidays), the day of delivery is considered to be 09:00 on the next following working day.

11.7 Any amendment or supplement to the Contract or VZP requires a written form.

11.8 By signing, the Patient undertakes to comply with the conditions agreed in the VZP. At the same time, the patient confirms with his signature that he has read the VZP in detail and that any ambiguities have been explained to him by the Provider.