Preventive dental care

Do you also stick to the principle that “when my teeth don’t hurt, I don’t need to go to the dentist”? Toothaches can be easily prevented with the help of regular preventive examinations. During the preventive examination, the dentist focuses on examination of the dentition, the mucous membranes, the soft tissues of the jaw as well as the oral cavity. Additionally, the doctor also checks dental replacements, the overall state of dental hygiene and usage of proper hygienic habits.

Preventive examinations serve as the foundation for basic prevention of tooth decay and oral cavity damage. At City Dental Clinic, we put a large emphasis on prevention. Prevention is mainly related to the removal of the tartar and the coating that is naturally created in the oral cavity. We try to help our patients to keep their own teeth strong and healthy as long as possible, and we look closely at their hygienic habits.

Preventive dental check-ups for adults

Although a preventive check-up at a dentist is not mandatory, it is recommended that the patient visits the dental clinic at least once a year.

Free initial dental check-up

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Preventive dental check-ups during pregnancy

Even during pregnancy, a future mum should always visit her dentist. During pregnancy, women are more susceptible to the worsening of the condition in the oral cavity. Significant bleeding and swelling of the gums could cause hormonal changes, which affect the pH of the saliva.

Pregnant women are entitled to a preventive check during the first trimester. A second preventive visit may take place at the beginning of the last trimester during pregnancy.

If a woman has problems with their dental health, it is best to resolve these before the beginning of pregnancy, as some interventions may not be performed during the pregnancy. Tooth decay may endanger the pregnancy and in some cases inflammation in the oral cavity could even trigger premature birth or miscarriage.

Preventive dental check-ups for children

The teeth of children should be cleaned regularly as soon as they break through, usually around the 6-month mark. Milk teeth must not be neglected, because they can be a permanent tooth infection in an untreated carcase.

Therefore, the first preventive-screening of the child should take place toward the end of the first year of life. Consequently, the examination should be carried out every half a year until the child reaches 18 years of age.


* Preventive examination includes an oral cavity exam where the dentist examines your teeth and surrounding tissues. A consultation is a process or examination in which a doctor focuses on a particular problem in the oral cavity of the patient with whom the patient has come to our clinic, offering him the option of solving it.

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