The solution for missing teeth – Sinus Lift

Missing teeth can be replaced in several ways. One of them is a dental implant, which serves as a replacement for the root of the tooth, on which the crown, bridge or prothesis is subsequently anchored. However, there are often situations where there is a lack of bone. This problem occurs mainly in the lateral sections of the jaw, cause there are jaw cavities that weaken the bone.

Sinus lift is a type of operation that can solve these complications. The merit of this operation is surgery, during which the maxillary cavity is opened and its mucous lining is released. This space is partially filled with a special material that the organism can absorb and transform into bone. In this way, we achieve that the implant can be anchored in such a newly formed bone.

How is the Sinus Lift performed?

Sinus lift is performed under local anesthesia and it is therefore a completely painless procedure that lasts about 1 hour. In most cases, it is a procedure after which no complications arise. In some places a slight swelling may appear, but it disappears after a few days. The duration of healing is about 5-9 months . It is very rare for such a procedure not to turn out as expected and for the body to form enough bone to firmly anchor the implant.

When is it necessary to perform a Sinus Lift?

There are several reasons and situations when you need to perform a sinus lift:

  • Patients who lost their teeth and consequently their bone density around the extraction decreased.
  • Patients who have naturally larger cavities or are lower than usual.
  • Chronic sinusitis, or unnaturally long treatment and difficulty with sinus inflammation may cause bone weakening in the area and the consequent need for sinus lift surgery.
  • Complicated extraction can cause bone to recede and lose bone density.


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