Dental bridge treatment

In case of tooth loss of one or more teeth there are several potential solutions to close the resulting tooth gaps. Depending on your individual situation possible solutions for anybody suffering from tooth loss are typically: dental bridges, some type of denture, or dental implants.

Dental Bridge – Video

Dental bridge – before and after

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Why make use of dental bridges?

To give you a nice closed smile either implants or so-called dental bridges are used most commonly. Often times, patients prefer a dental bridge because an implant requires surgery. Each patient has to decide for himself or herself between the advantages and disadvantages of the different options. The advantage of a dental bridge is that a surgical procedure can be avoided. A major disadvantage of the dental bridge is that neighboring healthy teeth must be shaven down as they serve as a holding device for the dental bridge.

Similar to the artificial tooth crown, the production of the desired dental bridge takes place in close cooperation between the City Clinic in Bratislava and the Dental Laboratory, so that high-quality results can be achieved and patients can be satisfied.

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