Aesthetic & long-lasting tooth fillings

Dental fillings are used in the sealing of the tooth to prevent the ingress of bacteria into the tooth interior and prevent further caries spread. Tooth fillings are suitable for filling and covering tooth spaces caused by caries or dental accidents.

For dental fillings, different materials can be used which all have their own advantages and disadvantages. The durability as well as the appearance can vary here. The biggest factors in the durability of a tooth filling are the material used and the location and size of the tooth hole to be filled.

Before and after – Tooth filling

Dental fillings treatment at City Dental Clinic

Good tooth hygiene is essential in order to preserve a tooth filling as long as possible. In addition to the twice-daily cleaning home, also a professional teeth cleaning at the dentist should be undertaken twice a year.

At the City Clinic dental practice in Bratislava, patients can choose from a variety of filling materials to find the perfect solution for their budget and the desired visual results.

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Ceramic or gold inlays in the City Dental Clinic

For large-area tooth damage classic dental fillings are not suitable because they would not meet the stability requirements. Well-known tooth inlay, which is made of ceramic or gold, is in these cases usually the only solution to allow a long shelf life.

For larger holes in the teeth, the classical fillings are not suitable because they can not withstand the daily load of the chewing food on large areas and sooner or later break off or fail. Do not hesitate if you have a need for a filling therapy and immediately ask for an offer and a meeting in the City Clinic in Bratislava.

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