What is a Dental Bone Graft or Bone Augmentation?

Bone augmentation is used when a patient decides to have dental implant surgery but has insufficient bone mass for the procedure to be successful.  This situation is rectified by performing a dental bone graft or bone augmentation, whereby bone mass, which has been lost over the years, is restored by grafting bone to the site of the future dental implant.  This procedure helps to ensure that the jawbone is strong enough and dense enough to hold a dental implant long term.

When is bone augmentation used?

Augmentation is most often used when a patient has lost premolars or molars and wants to replace them with a dental implant. At this point, there is little bone after tooth extraction, and thanks to the completion of the bone, we are able to replenish the bone and achieve that the implant holds firmly in place. Another reason when this procedure is needed ,is bone loss due to untreated gum disease or after the patient has suffered an injury.

Video Animation – Bone Augmentation

How do we proceed at City Dental Clinic?

Before starting this treatment, you need to have a consultation with the doctor, who will determine the correct procedure and explain to you which method suits your health condition and needs best. Before the procedure is patient getting local anesthesia , so the whole treatment is painless. After the procedure, all doctor’s recommendations must be followed in order to minimize the healing time and possible complications, such as infection.

The healing time is 6 – 12 weeks. The rate of healing depends on the size of the procedure and is individual for each patient. After healing, the implant can be fitted.

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