False Teeth – what you should know

False teeth, or dentures as they are often called, are custom made replacements for one or more missing teeth which fit over the gum and look and act like your own natural teeth. Artificial teeth are often necessary, especially as you age, due to decay, damage or gum disease.  Artificial teeth materials used for the […]

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Dental crown vs. dental bridge

Bridges and crowns are both fixed devices that are cemented onto existing teeth and, unlike dentures or partial dentures, they can only be removed by a dentist. Both bridges and crowns are restorative dental treatments used to either replace lost teeth (bridges) or repair existing teeth (crowns), restoring the patient’s confidence and their ability to […]

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Partial denture vs. dental bridge

We need a full set of teeth to help us chew and bite effectively.  Our teeth work together to ensure that we are able to thoroughly process our food ready for digestion. It’s therefore important that we don’t have any gaps in our mouth which can have a detrimental effect on our chewing and biting […]

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Teeth growth in babies, toddlers and young children

A baby’s first primary teeth are already formed under the gums before birth. These 20 teeth, milk teeth or baby teeth as they are often called, sit under the gums until around 6 months old, which is when the first of these primary teeth erupt. Baby’s primary teeth vary in size and shape but, when fully […]

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Wisdom teeth: Growth, Problems and Removal

Wisdom teeth grow in the back of the mouth and are the third and last molars to erupt.  Evolutionary biology shows us that while wisdom teeth were necessary for our ancient ancestors, today we have little need for them. Modern medicine ensures that we don’t lose our teeth early in life, so we don’t need […]

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