Wherever you go, you will find something new and magical. Bratislava offers a wealth of opportunities for all ages and all natures. Yes! For yours too. Even though Bratislava has so much more to offer, we’ve picked out a few of tried-and-tested tips on what to do in the capital, where to have a great steak or where to relax.

5 VIP tips you can’t leave Bratislava without

1. Bratislava Castle

Originally the seat of the monarchs, today the symbol of Bratislava and the seat of the Historical Museum or the Museum of History. From its 47-meter high crown tower, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the city and the neighboring countryside.

 2. Eurovea Tower

The connection between the promenade by the shopping center, the waterfront and the square leading to the theater is an exceptional urban element. The new building of the Slovak National Theater, clad in white travertine, and the Eurovea shopping center are also part of the district, which is growing into the modern center of Bratislava. Not only will you find fine fashion brands here, but alongside shopping, you can refresh yourself in cafés or restaurants on the pleasant promenade on the Danube embankment overlooking Bratislava Castle.

3. UFO

A unique viewpoint on the pylons of the SNP Bridge at a height of 95 meters with an amazing view of the city and visibility of up to 100 km. It offers the most beautiful sunset in Bratislava combined with a culinary experience.

4. Nivy Center

Exceptional combination of a modern bus station, a top shopping center or relaxation with a views.

Bratislava’s newest destination where, in addition to shopping, you can relax on a unique green roof, experience all the tastes of the world or discover local products in the most beautiful gastronomic zone in the city.

5. Streets of the Old Town

The charming Old Town hides a number of picturesque streets that you will fall in love with. Throughout the year, you can also hear the soft tones of music echoing from many corners of the Old Town. The fountains in Hviezdoslav Square, the summer terraces with delicious gastronomic experiences, also contribute to the atmosphere, especially in the warmer months. Nice romantic corners can be found on Rodney Square, Kapitulska or Baštova Street.

Wellness & Spa

Forget all your worries and pains for a moment and relax. Revitalization of body, mind and soul starts here.

1.   Zion Spa Luxury Grand Hotel River Park


ZION SPA LUXURY offers an environment full of relaxation and harmony. Located directly on the Danube riverbank, it offers its guests the opportunity to stroll along a pleasant promenade to the city center.

In the relaxing swimming pool with colorful backlighting and hydromassage jets, you will feel as if you are swimming directly with the flow of the Danube River. The whirlpool and relaxation area by the pool overlooking the Danube River is perfect for relaxing while watching the flow of water and nature at any time of the year.

2. Zochova cottage


Take a rest in an exclusive space made for intense relaxation. You can indulge in everything in this wonderful oasis of relaxation. From recreational swimming or weight training, through to beneficial relaxation with various treatments or massages by professional masseurs. Ordinary sauna sessions are transformed into a fairy tale thanks to the enchanting views of the dense forests. Visit our wellness hotel only 34 km from Bratislava and treat yourself to undisturbed wellness relaxation in the heart of nature.

3. X-bionic® wellness sphere


The X-bionic® wellness sphere is the perfect place to restore your physical and mental strength. You can choose from seven types of saunas – Asian sauna, biosauna or outdoor Finnish sauna, steam sauna, infrared sauna, salt cave and herbal steam sauna. There is also an outdoor cooling pool, you can relax in the pleasant atmosphere of the tepidarium, three whirlpools or the Kneipp bath. Refreshing refreshments, pleasant surroundings and always smiling staff are a matter of course.


Welcome in our tasty Slovak kitchen. Slovak cuisine is historically known mainly for pork, lamb, potatoes, cabbage and dairy products. One of Slovakia’s national dishes is “bryndzové halušky” – Potato Dumplings with Bryndza and Bacon which you won’t find anywhere else. But let’s take a deeper look at the gastronomy of our city. We promise that you will find yours too.

UFO watch.taste.groove


Treat yourself to a world-class experience in the clouds with the most beautiful view of the capital of Slovakia, the legendary Bratislava.

Sit among the stars, touch the sky and enjoy exceptional moments in one of the most luxurious restaurants of our city. World gastronomy in the UFO restaurant, impeccable service, as well as exclusive cocktails in the UFO bar will make your dinner or lunch an unforgettable experience. The restaurant was awarded TREND TOP restaurant of the year 2018 & 2019, GURMÁN AWARD premium restaurant of the year 2019 & 2020 and recognition of our chef Jozef Masarovič – GURMÁN AWARD chef of the year 2020.



The restaurant on the Danube embankment, headed by one of the most famous chefs in Slovakia, Jardo Židek, offers elegant surroundings, an intimate atmosphere, top service, and cuisine based mainly on local ingredients, which J. Židek gives a modern and often unconventional dress.

Globo Restaurant and Wine Bar


Be served like never before. In the prestigious fine dining restaurant on Františkánské námestí in Bratislava you will be welcomed by elegant surroundings, superior service, cuisine based on seasonality, and of course the most unconventional dishes of world cuisine. These will be prepared by none other than the renowned chef Branislav Križan and his team. A truly unique experience will be complemented by a glass or a bottle of first-class wine.

Fou Zoo


FOU ZOO is literally a gastronomic jewel of Bratislava. This top pan-Asian restaurant, which has been revolutionizing the understanding of Asian cuisine for 9 years, offers a gastronomic experience that we all wish to experience. You can try the 10 or 7 course tasting menu, which the chefs will prepare just for you. A taste that words can’t even describe, only experience.

Burger restaurant tips

Roxor BRGR & Beer


Come and treat yourself to a delicious and renowned burger experience in Bratislava. The highest quality ingredients combined with culinary art and informal service, choice meat straight from the farm, 2 times smashed fries, pickles and homemade butter and milk. All this combined with a love of food is what you’ll find at Roxor BRGR & Beer. Because when food is made with love, it tastes better.



How about a change of image. Treat yourself to a true American style kitchen. Tortillas, sandwiches, burritos and salads. As for burgers, there are more than 15 of them. Chicken and pork are also on the menu. If you have room for dessert, you’re guaranteed to get it. You can’t say no to lava cake or banana pancakes.

Regal Burger


The year 2014 opened the doors to an operation called Regal Burger. The concept under which the business operates is called “Fast Casual”. The restaurant offers quality, fast and first class service. You won’t wait more than eight minutes for your burger!

Beef is imported from Slovak and Czech farms, cheese, even from the Netherlands. The pastries are baked by their in-house baker, who has his own secret recipe. If you are a celiac, a gluten-free bun awaits you. Vegetarians will also be in for a treat, with a choice of two burgers, one of which includes the popular sheep’s cheese.

Steakhouse tips

El Gaucho


At El GAUCHO, food is an extraordinary passion and quality a great commitment. This is how you can imagine your experience at El Gaucho.

The staff’s greatest wish is that you remember El Gaucho as the brand for the best steak. Or better yet, a place for the best steak. El Gaucho is inspired by the success of El Gaucho’s sister restaurants in Southeast Asia, Vietnam and Thailand. The common goals of the whole concept therefore bring excellent steakhouse cuisine, first-class service and an exceptional atmosphere.



Tasting fillet steaks, Alaskan king crab, or delicious homemade NY-style pastrami? There’s never enough exceptional flavors here at D.STEAKHOUSE. In addition to steaks from 5 different meats, the restaurant also offers homemade, hand-scraped steak tartare with several meats to compare, interesting salads and rich side dishes. But how would a steak taste without the right wine? Sommeliers Peter and Jaro travel to wine and bring the most delicious wines not only from the big and famous, but also from small and interesting winemakers. It will probably come as no surprise that the restaurant’s biggest focus is on the wines that go best with steaks.



The SteakHouse, which has stood on Vajnorská Street since 1999, has always tried to innovate, move forward and achieve new goals. STEAKHOUSE ranks among the best STEAKHOUSE restaurants, so the choice of quality meat and the best ingredients is a credo that the restaurant constantly adheres to. The restaurant’s extensive facilities offer comfortable seating, a private lounge or a beautiful terrace during the summer months.

Pizzeria restaurant tips

Gatto Matto


Discover a real piece of Italy in Slovakia. The Gatto Matto chain represents all that is best about Italian cuisine. Honest recipes of homemade pasta, authentic ingredients of crispy pizzas, or even fresh food served straight from the grill. The family atmosphere or passion and temperament are the cornerstones of GATTO MATTO pizzerias. The uniqueness is underlined by a wide selection of drinks or wine list with the help of friendly and smiling staff.

The longest running branch of Gatto Matto Ristorante is located right in the centre of the old town at the old well-known address Panská 17. The Gatto Matto Family team – Pizza, pasta e basta!

Massimo Ristorante


Massimo Attanasio from Naples is behind this elegant Italian restaurant in River Park. In addition to fantastic Italian cuisine with a wide variety of dishes, guests can also enjoy the actual process of preparing the food.

In fact, the kitchen and grill are open and guests can peek in at any time. Massimo is also a favourite restaurant of many famous faces. Our well-known footballer Marek Hamšík or tennis legend Dominika Cibulková also dine here.

Don Saro Cucina Italiana


This Italian family-run business can be found in Raca. The chef and owner of the restaurant is a native Sicilian who prides himself on the quality and freshness of the ingredients. These are imported from local vendors in Slovakia, Italy and Austria.

The restaurant is a real favourite with locals and tourists alike, and in addition to pizza, it also serves pasta, fish, seafood and excellent Italian wines.

Brixton House Bratislava


Flexitarian concept of the restaurant, unconventional and extremely attractive interior, always smiling staff and pizza, which is loved by every Bratislava resident. A restaurant in a very fair price range, which if you are a lover of tasty crispy pizza, you should definitely not miss.

In case you want even more tips, ideas and places to visit, visit this link.

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